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DOI PREFIX: 10.36962/SWD

ISSN: 2733-2713; E-ISSN: 2733-2721; UDC: 33 

Researchgate score - 2.81

Academia author rank-1.1

Publishing since 2020. Frequency: 4 times a year

©Publisher: Chernihiv Polytechnic National University. R/C 054607925261

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Technical and reviewer team manager: Olha Rudenko Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor.

©Publisher: Sokhumi State University. R/C 405282260.

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                       MTÜ Rahvusvaheline Teadus-, Haridus- ja Koolituskeskus.

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Publishing department: The Baltic Scientific Journals.

Publication Type: Scientific journal.

Status edition: home / native.

Language edition: English.

Sphere of distribution: Nation-wide, foreign.

Categories of readers: Researchers in higher education.

The program aims: Introduce to the readers with the directions of scientific papers.

Projected output frequency: Semiannual.

Publication type by purpose: Scientific.

Bulletin's sections: Multidisciplinary

Subject: Multidisciplinary

ISSN Title: Scientific journal

Abbreviated key title: Scientific journal

Variant title: Scientific journal.

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